Fictional Whizz Bang Sentence

Fiction is not within my abilities, but I can do some catchy one liners. Seeing as how I can’t sleep. Let’s see how well I do after an eleven hour day.

First line only fiction.

Courageousness gathered dust, fires dimmed, in this winter of our hearts.

Timeless treasure turned to trinkets because our hearts could not mend.

Insatiable thirst can be found inside a cocktail glass.

My body barely understood constant heat, a continual confusion of sweat and funk.

Sleep cradled my mind even as your clacking keyboard pressed on into the darkness.

Bits of the aged cottonwood tree covered the driveway like fanciful puzzle pieces.

Patiently I removed the clinging cellophane from a melted caramel.

Quietly I pulled the swollen door shut so that the routine of coffee would not wake her.

Continuing down this road was yet another insult that meant we had been issued a map past its freshness date.