People Still Shit in Paradise.

If You Meet Utopia at the Side of the Road Cut It’s Head Off.

Utopia is a troubling idea. Nothing is more limiting and argument inducing.

Take for example, Medium. I don’t think anyone came here expecting Utopia. We’ve all been around the block ample times. Most can be startled by the level of civil discourse, and carefully considered criticism. You might have actually felt that it was quite like Utopia.

But then…

Recently there was some nastiness, and arguments. Trolls have fluxed in as the site gains users. Some people who make the place lively took breaks.

Where is my Utopia? : (

I’ve been involved in LGBTQ organizing in more than one state with varying levels of commitment. At some point you will always have a flop fundraiser. You put in tons of effort for very little return. The shitty part is that sometimes it has nothing to do with effort, and everything to do with timing.

Mark my words. Winter in the Northern hemisphere will have a different feel. Give this place one East Coast snowmaggedon, and it will be hopping with trolls, chatter, and some fantastic stories. Snowed in and stir crazy will birth amazing writing.

In the meantime enjoy this quiet time. Get to know each other without distraction. I love me some Medium peeps!

Special props to. David Moser, Classical Sass, Tremaine L. Loadholt , Jules, walkerjojones, Heath Houston, Wild Flower,Zelda Pinwheel

I’d mention more, but then that would be shameless self promotion.

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