Stream of Howl (060)

image credit: BHD 2017

Who has fallen into my arms. Heat dissipating in the cold night of hunger. Every child awakening with need. Struck with the knowledge that they are a new age.

Who breaks against the grain. Wood left in splinters. Time like an unending spiral cut into strokes. We can’t have any of that. We musn’t let go of our grip.

Who places the seconds in order. Like bricks and mortar. Like lines on the black top travelling in pairs. We get there together. Road goes in that direction.

Who makes changes . Stray from the plan. In-between we meet like two newts in soft soil. Coiling towards the explosion. Make more, make more

Who will be more. Can you trust in those who proclaim prosperity. God gives and gives, but reason never had to ask. Never did have a plan. Cycle lives on

Who can stand back from their struggle. Release the turmoil of shifting life. Cease in the light. Be still,be gentle, be kind, be angelic, be empathetic, be the one

Who wagers with their giving. Exhale into the space. Slide, slide, slide empty out onto the rocks. Your all is what we want. You have as much to offer.

Who will fake it to make it. Like a glass shattered, or a stone thrown, or a half full, or a house is not a home, try on this temple. Take my monument to self indulgence.

Who destroys. Clack on a trigger. Slow blow in the air. Bang, is how we hear. Bang is the sound. Bang is the noise. Bang comes to you

Who takes a stand. Tall so they can see you. Soapboxes, pulpits, podium, grandstand with the best of them. Greatness in times of cracking.

Who asks to be held high. Those who bow down need to kiss the earth. Humility sown with a weapon. Trample all who come to be your supporters.

Who are the masochists desiring another day of subjugation. Stripping for their beating. Petitioning with propaganda slanted straight at their throat.

Poem number 060 of 365.

I wrote this originally for a Fresh Darlings prompt, but they needed a hiatus. I decided to make sure the reader knows why I wrote this. If anyone else attempted the prompt, and would like to attach links to our pieces let me know, I’d love to make it easy for people to find them all.

If you have never read Howl, now is the time.