The Stain is on the Hands of the Gun Lobby

I understand the desires of those who want weapons. Their desire for self protection is first and foremost. I can understand your need to stop LGBTQ people from living their lives peacefully because you were told that morality includes the righteousness of passing judgment. That those people are stained with sin.

I understand their desire to protect them self because I/we LGBTQ people are often the targets of random violence. I have had friends get attacked in every city I have lived in. Every one of them went to the hospital. Almost every one of them had the police tell them it would not be put down as a hate crime. What the FUCK else is it when a random act of violence is perpetrated and they say shit like QUEER, FAG, and DYKE!? FOR FUCKS SAKE! When do I not want to have protection? It takes intense fortitude to handle the waves of violence witnessed by our community. AND we still find a way to FORGIVE YOU.

I don’t own a gun. I never will.

I’m in the closet at my job because of these assholes. I spent lots of time out of it, but I can tell you my ability to get promotions and raises are far better with me in the closet. I’ve heard various people at my job say endless drivel about PC this and PC that. Can you believe that goes on in a workplace that has adopted the Federal standards for minority protections? LOL. Don’t make me laugh.

Whatever unravels in the media about the shooter at Pulse, that heterosexual man is not much different than so many others. Yes, each minority has it’s allies, and that group is probably mostly white heterosexuals (who else could they be?), but when that piece of shit swimmer gets six months for rape you got to regroup on that thought process. Who really is an ally? Sure that man that murdered 50, or possibly more, people at Pulse is not white, but he was raised right here in ‘Murica! Homophobia continues to be accepted as a natural reaction to the sinfulness of anyone not claiming “straight” as their sexual orientation. Especially among those who identify as fundamentalist followers of the Abrahamic faiths.

People who are not fundamentalist followers of the Abrahamic faiths are worn the fuck out on your style of devotion. If you think this is the best end result of your scriptures then your scriptures are murderous, and evil. I don’t believe for a second that you want to find peace anywhere in those pages if this is your brand of worship.

The gun lobby is married at the hip to racist, heterosexual, Christian whites. Yes, I know the shooter doesn’t fit into most of those demographics, but that group is still the default power structure in this country. Because they continue to believe that Muslims are determined to spread Shariah Law here in THEIR Country they must be armed to the teeth. Nothing must stop them from protecting their babies from the heathen forces assembled outside their doors. In the end it matters not how much fundamentalist Christians are like fundamentalist Muslims, it only matters that everyone get their gun and be prepared.

In the meantime we can all expect to see innocent people being murdered. We will continue to be witnesses to mass murders in an undeclared war.

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