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The Ultimate Multi-Tasker: #1

Discipline, a word that often conjures up scenes of a military Drill Sergeant, or a Nun rapping children on the knuckles with a ruler. If you reflect calmly on the word you can ferry out the triangulation of aggregates that create the space in which discipline takes place. Discipline breaks down into three words we use much more freely; respect, responsibility, and commitment. Being disciplined requires that you respect yourself, be very responsible, and stay committed. Without that combination there can be no follow through, no moving forward, and no finish.

Let’s consider the three aggregates of discipline. Respect is a useful tool. It’s interconnected to the concepts of compassion, and patience. Self-respect is compassion. Knowing when to stop, and take a rest, knowing when you are about to break. When we do break it is specifically because we lacked the patience to be compassionate towards ourselves. Moments of self-respect through compassionate patience are crucial spaces of time where we comprehend when it truly is, and how it feels. In that space we can drink it in, it’s outline becomes distinguishable.

Being responsible. Seeing as how half of you have probably left the room let’s dig deep here, and laugh at boredom. People want desperately for everyone to do this simultaneously. Responsibility is the opposite of procrastination, torpor, and apathy. You don’t necessarily have to meet deadlines like clockwork, but finishing tasks even in the face of failure is the mark of a responsible person. It’s much like the buzzword “boot strapping” but it’s application and meaning go much deeper. Being responsible for yourself will in the end help others to be responsible for themselves. If we are carrying our own weight then the burdens of society get spread much thinner. Don’t get me wrong here. Responsibility in the light of compassion is a very different concept than the ideal of the “self made HUman”. Without compassion responsibility is little more than showing up for work on time. A very important thing to do, but when compassion comes into play you wind up with people racing into burning buildings to save lives, or people chipping in extra money to help someone in the grocery store buy food. Not much boot strapping going on there, but one would say that people cared for each other.

Commitment is an obvious show of compassion that you have to live to know it is happening. Only passages of time reveal the presence of commitment. It is felt most profoundly when we believed it had been cut off only to find that we had lost sight of it. Commitment is long term, it is a lifetime of support that often needs little more than physical, or emotional presence. It is as simple as being there. Being there for others is easy to understand, but being there for yourself is of equal consequence.

A beautiful revelation took place. It happened as I found writers giving of themselves. Being inspirational, being supportive, connecting. Whatever the detriment that you might try to lay onto the platform we call Medium, if we use it as it is now presented, we will see that we feel and think nearly alike. There is a profound chance to reach out to those you might not reach out to.

Do not believe that any of this is a heaping dose of Pollyanna. Rose colored glasses do not live in my breast pocket. True morality is a brave stance to take. You have to have guts to be compassionate. Witness the rise of Trump, and those that want to wield “justice”. The manufacture of meaning for the sole purpose of giving of yourself, that is a mile long tightrope to walk. You must focus, and there is no shame in that.

This is the first chapter of six.