The Struggle To Love Ourselves
Charlie Scaturro

This is very lovely. The path is clear. I would like to be a brief sign post and direct you towards seeing love for all that it is when you love. Because love takes place. Because love is only in the here and now. What can you say is noticeable when you are loving? If we only look at the end result of loving acts, rather than live love fully as it is happening, then we miss it’s fine details. The subtle richness life has to offer is what we are doing in the moment, the now, not the future you haven’t lived yet.

If you give all moments in life their full value, if equanimity is a constant, then the never ending well of love can become a geyser.

Love is not something you do so much as it is something that happens between people, and you to your self.

I don’t want to downplay the importance of the “work” of love, because it is work, but as you allow for love to be without restriction then eventually it is no longer work in the “blood, sweat, and tears” variety, but works of love in the “vulnerable, generous, and compassionate” variety.

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