Downsizing Is Not Sexy
Sean Howard

We have been having 85–95 degrees F, or 29–35 degrees C for, FOREVER! UGH. Your tale of woe just brings up, well, five minutes ago, and it was hell then too.

Actually the temps are set to go down soon. The weather people on TV keep teasing us. Intellicast has persistently predicted lower temps, but then, *sobs* it doesn’t get cooler.

I understand the need for pizza. You were probably delirious. We have been cooking, but also we have had lots of salad.

How much would your partner charge to do long distance computer counselling? We have an 84 yr old that is helpless with a Chromebook. The latest debacle is the computer is displaying upside down. We haven’t the slightest how she got it that way.

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