Afterthoughts…(dream writing prompt.)
walkerjo lee

Writing Prompt: “Spiders”

Every year one crafty spider makes a massive beautiful tunnel between fencing for an old dog kennel, and the electric meter adjacent to the kitchen window. It is decorated in leaves, and various unfortunate bug bodies. You can’t miss it so we just walk around it. Tunnel makers come early and leave late. They do amazing things, and keep an eye out for your murderous butt.

I love them. I don’t want to have tea with them, but I love them. They make insect architecture, then spend all their time hiding in the deepest part of the tunnel.

Another variety that makes the classic web is a little emerald, and black spindly creature. They stick around spring until fall as well. If you run into their webs they always run away. About a day later there is another creation waiting for bugs. Not you human! BUGS!

My least enjoyed spider is the doorway, your life is a living hell, run away frantic, you are on fire, aiiighghghgh, spider. This bastard comes late towards fall. They set up shop towards the top of every doorway. Yes, head height. I imagine had I been marking the date on the calendar for the last couple years I would not get the most fucked up surprise of all. You know. I need not mention the feeling you get, and then the immediate terror.

This particular breed of spider is also one of the creepiest. Fat, bulbous bodies with eight of the spideriest looking legs ever. Rusty red, and browns, and about the size of a quarter when fully grown. Creepy as fuck.

My top pick for cool spiders is the small black jumping spider. They don’t make panic inducing webs, nope. Mostly they hang out in windows waiting for bugs trapped in your house.

One time I watched the circle of life between a spider and a fly. At the window sill a gregarious jumping spider was observing me, and flies. A great many flies had been zooming around the kitchen perturbed by their inability to escape. Little guy had been hanging by the corner when a tired fly landed near both of us. I am talking like six inches. They all must have viewed me as a part of the house I had been standing there so long.

Mister jumpy got interested. The fly was facing him, and in a few second it was clear. The spider had hypnotized the fly. He did a little dance thing, and walked directly at the fly. The fly seemed glued in place. Slowly approaching Mr. Spider came within two inches from the fly, and then WHAM! A masterpiece of the universe had transpired. Dead fly, happy spider.

One of the most amazing bits of life I have ever witnessed. That spider gave me quite a present.

Here I am at the bottom, and I did not even talk about the wolf spiders under the beds, or how they love the bathtub downstairs. Alas…

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