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Gail Boenning

Yoga Criticism. :(

When I initially started to go to yoga, the physical kind, I started with this one instructor who was very good, and I had no idea.

See, the area I live in is littered with yoga studios, and people doing yoga seemingly everywhere. Even the tiny “downtown” near us has a yoga studio. Part of the reason there are so many is that there is a non-profit studio in the area that will teach you to be an instructor. This non-profit yoga studio does not have memberships, and is sliding scale.

What happened to poor little me? Why did I have a bad time? What is my attachment?

This has been gnawing at me for weeks, actually a whole month. The woman who had been doing “gentle yoga” every Sunday morning was my style instructor. She not only used the Sanskrit terminology, but she would describe the in and out breath, and other important factors. She ruled.

She left. I went two weeks. I gave it a real go. For one, The place was packed, and clearly she had a following. Two, she did not use enough of the Sanskrit terminology that helped me remember the correct breathing pattern.

Not breathing right means you are not doing yoga. It means you can just go out in your yard and do a little stretching.

OK, so I changed my times. The new person at the new time was decent, and then, she took a week off. For four weeks I have been stretching but no real yoga. No in the moment, no good whole body stretching cause I can’t “just be”. UGH!

So, yeah, when someone is a bad tour director that is not me being attached. It is them being bad at directing me.


It is nice to hear that your experience went better than mine. :)

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