Why The Mindfulness Movement Is Plagued By Vagueness
Sam Brinson

You cover good territory, and questioning the “mindfulness movement” is going to help direct people away from bad advice, but I have yet to find a single article by you that does a good job of explaining “mindfulness”. One of the benefits of mindfulness is being able to detect on advance the arising of judgement. Then after that, the ability to question where it came from, and does it actually make any sense to ‘think” that thought. But then again mindfulness is joined to insight which is the other end of the stick that is also meditation. If you want to know about Buddhism then put yourself in it and leave your judgemental self alone. And, as the Buddha says, experience it for yourself, prove it works don’t just talk about it.

Being present has unleashed a level of creativity, compassion, and ability to learn I have never had before in my life. Being where you are, and only where you are is joyous, and relaxing, and I forget less and do more. It’s very much tied to not being judgemental all the time.

Enjoy your searching, and learning. Continue learning about the entire eightfold noble path!