Implementing the Rooney Rule.
Dear Investors: So You Want to Take Diversity Seriously (Part 1)
Mitch & Freada Kapor

Wow I had heard of the Rooney Rule but only knew vaguely that it was to help ensure NFL teams interviewed “enough” underrepresented candidates for certain openings. Prompted by this article I did some digging and learned just how low the bar actually is. Ready?


They only need to interview ONE minority candidate for any given opening. And still teams have failed the test.

The Rooney Rule rivals the Bechdel Test for amazingly low — yet still somehow hard for people to clear — bars. Ugh.

This tells me we have a super long way to go as a society but also, that the first steps are almost comically easy. Anybody with a halfway sense of decency can and must easily improve the status quo. Right??