Why Apple Music Made Me Worry That Design Is Not So Strong in Apple DNA Anymore.
Tom Koszyk

I like your comments allot. One thing to remember, Spotify is a service and iTunes (in any form)is and will always be about selling music. Music preference engines require historical data or they will never be accurate for the listener. I hated iTunes Match but it had a purpose. Lets take the listeners music data and combine their purchase data and BAM! here are the predictive songs they might like. Match was a train wreck for the user and confused the listener. I have 20k songs in my library and are these songs on my devices or in the cloud? Why is my library full of duplicates? Why do I now have 34,682 songs? Oh, half my library came from Napster/Limewire back in the old days when everyone stole music from the internet when they were broke and in college. Now i can share with my family! Great, now i have my teenage daughter’s bubblegum pop mixed with my radiohead mixed with my wife’s Amy Grant X’mas playlist. Oh Joy! Spotify is looking better and better. I think i might re-join to stay sane.

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