A Deeper Connection, A More Destructive It Is

Somehow we have to know when to decide to end what we thought was a valuable relationship, remember loving ourselves can lessen the pain and sense of betrayal us.

In frequent times, we might be so quick in making friends in certain occassion be it at the party or any official event that requires you to be out of your nutshell. It happens in the blink of an eye before you eventually realize it, you get into someone who came across in those event. Someone might tell you, you’re the social butterfly, extrovert or you just tried to be less judgmental. Well, in deep the somebody’s nature, it’s indeed not his/her fault if he/she is rapidly at making friends or getting into relationships. Yes, some people really do. They’re just too captivating. It’s good to show your charm and become friendly, tho! Then, we begin to think and rethink there’s a hidden thing between this relationship, and we realize this actually becomes a problem!

Perhaps, in some time while we are busy feeling lonely and in all of the sudden, somebody bumped to us and we just simply not taking the time to understand the real figure in front of us. We have the tendency to disregard the layers of negativity, and those are making us seem blind… Gradully we’ve lost our friendliness, our kindness, and all that’s left is a twin of negativity. We’re like born with the similar negativity of our friends. Unhappy feeling, the ups and downs in our heart we unstoppably deny. We finally found ourselves are depressed.

Now, it’s too late. Because some article told me that someone who has entrenched that deep to a particular person is now an emotional wreck devastated to believe what is unfolding before our eyes.

You start to think your life is annoyed by this person or this person shouldn’t actually came in your way.

I got some amazing convo and thought regarding those problematic people in our life.

(to be continued)

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