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One of champion program inTokopedia

On May 28th, 2016 my team and I- Tokopedia Student Ambassador Bandung created a series of seminars and workshop sessions themed Online Business at Eduplex Cafe and Coworking Space, Dago. It was titled “Siapkan Bisnismu Menghadapi Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN” or “Advancing Your Online Business Methods to Face ASEAN Economic Community”. It was absolutely free event.

The ASEAN Economic Community is a major milestone toward greater cooperation and integration. Ten countries of Southeast Asia attempting to establish a single market, a free flow of goods, services, capital, and labor, which has the potential to become one of the largest economies and markets in the world. Offering a huge of opportunity of US$2.6 trillion market and over 622 million people.

In short, the AEC will affect the Indonesian doers of small and medium enterprise, as the foreign free flows of services and goods have the same competitiveness index towards the national goods and services.

The purpose of this workshop was solely to enhance the user (SME online actor) capability handling their Tokopedia account as a platform to buy and sell online, moreover the user could be empowered so the optimized account could raise their monthly income. — A very kind and long term vision.

The Process

Marketing and Promoting the Event

A week before D-Day, we had marketed this Seminar and Workshop event through Campaign on Car Free Day Jalan Dago. We stood up exact in front of Eduplex while shouting to the audiences promoting the FREE event that would open publicly, and we spreading all the greenie merchandises to attract people, so they didn’t look us as chaotic students who merely shouted them with toa (a loudspeaker) to come to our event.

Campaign on Car Free Day

Crowded! We got only 5 persons in charge during the campaign, overwhelmed. Most of the elderly people (man and woman) or we call it bapak2 dan ibu2 came to us when they knew we had something for them -_-. I thought probably it caught the attention bcs of the strike yellow color and the authentic bird, as a symbol representing our brand, Tokopedia, tacked in each merchandise. Or simple, they just loved free stuffs we brought (towel, hat, pens, stickers, and green fan — bcs everyone on CFD was sweating). And I just found myself overwhelmed bcs those people stormed me not only asking about the event we promoted but I knew their hidden agenda…free merchandise. Lol. I tried to calm down myself to humbly interact with the mass, because they were really diverse and curious. Ranging from the ones who did not have their emails to register themselves until the online shoppers and sellers who were indomitably asking us the safety system in our brand. I got a bit of shock when some people acknowledged they had never created an email….and yes the majority of elderly people did. If I could make a percentage on people who came to us through the CFD campaign, about 25–30% didn’t have personal emails. But that time our team didn’t care the have and the have-nots, we just tried to list the names as many as possible that would be possibly reserved for a seat on our event. We had to find the targeted 250 audiences to involve in our event….whoah. The problem was we couldn’t predict how many attendees later in our event (even if they had registered themselves in GoogleForm), because it’s free event and it was very up to them whether to come or not. In the end of our campaign, we were succeeded to collect 100++ people registered in our event. Well-paid off sweating day. To be honest, you have to manage your patience if you decide to campaigning on CFD. The mass is ferocious if you got a free merchandise for them, so it’s better to hide the merchandise first, then approach them nicely. Trust me, you will learn so much to handle the people who are being thirst for a free stuff there, especially the Indonesian elderly people.

Reaching your event to the common society actually is not a big deal now, because in Indonesia we have LINE (I call it a facebook translated into a more friendly mobile apps, bcs you can send any content to LINE, be it videos, files, anything). Yes everybody begins to share the digital poster of their event on LINE, share it over and over again, until we block them and report them as a spam. Lol. My team had bombposted* our event poster on LINE. LINE is an essential tool to campaign your event, if you’re in Indonesia!!! But still even in CFD 100++ people registered, but after all, the traffic wasn’t as hype as we thought. It dropped down. Then we decided to finally execute our event promotion by using Infobdgcom instagram, even though the price of advertising is quite expensive, but it will be well-paid off — Thanks to Tokopedia who provided us the fund to advertise. Yes, it is Bandung integrated social media (they have Twitter, Instagram, Blog, YouTube),all of their socmeds have active and real hundred thousands followers, once you post or advertise there, I can guarantee your post within a minute could be 200 times liked. The outcome was real, our registered participants had incrased day by day! Eventually we were succedeed reaching 395++ registrants. Wow! We would only serve up to 300 participants but actually we were still afraid if the high trends only occured on online form.

Finally it was D-1…we were getting ready to make it BOOM.

*bombpost: As what I said, you continuosly and synchronously with the other post a content in order to make everyone aware of your event or competition or anything*


After a long deliberation, meeting by meeting we passed to create this event, on that Saturday, we finally brought the event to real. I first acted as the registration committee, again I was overwhelmed bcs the participants were unstoppable came to me and they were so many. At 8.30 AM only the two of us, my friend, Mico and I handled the registration. In the end, the other committees came and helped us to handle the people. We again spread the free merchandises, and yes they were happy.

Nakama, Ms. Andin shared her expertise on first session

About 1.5 hours after the registration process done, the first session began- “The Secrets to Start Online Business” overall this session which was brought by Nakama (Ms. Andin)* offered the strategies and concept to start your online business in order you to not fail at the first time. It seems easy to start the online business but actually there are lots of loopholes a seller created at the first time and it was unconsciously happened. To avoid those stuffs, this session basically taught the audiences on how to use and additionally optimize all features on Tokopedia to make the online shop effective and efficient. So, this session was actually benefit both of the parties first Tokopedia as an online platform. Tokopedia could raise a new potential user and the newbie user of Tokopedia, they could optimize more their account on Tokopedia, because there are some features who actually the users didn’t utilize well, such as the newest feature of GoKilat (operated with Gojek) and Pre Order feature. Nakama also invited the Top Seller of Tokopedia in a sharing session, he was Mr.Amir, leather shoes seller from Cibaduyut, who has an advance account in Tokopedia. His selling has helped him to live in more prosperous condition, proven by his new home, car, and increased income of shoes selling.

Overall we served up to 100 participants in this session!

(nakama: a title to all the employees in Tokopedia, meaning of friendship or inner circle who represents a natural bond of each employe)

The second session was about “1001 Ways to Promote Your Online Business”

Ms. Zahra talked on the second session

This session was also brought by Nakama (Ms. Zahra) she is also online seller in Tokopedia! And she shared her succeed in marketing and promoting her stuffs. Most of the registered participants were in favor to this session other than first and third sessions because I think promotion tools are as important as your branding. This session began with how you use a simple, clean yet attractive design to be put on the interface of your online shop, use proper and most visible hashtags to make their online shop could be found easier, using a proper social media tool, until how to manage the internal of work flow inside your online shop…There were so many questioners in this session. It has been proved that so many users now are attracted to promoting tools to make their online shop’s existence more visible and reachable.

Crowded! The second session was the most favored session! Only three seats left.

Overall this session offered you to utilize maximally all of the features particularly in Tokopedia, sometimes when a user has uploaded lots of photos but they just forget that another searchable hashtags are important to put.

And here we came to the third and last session of this class parade, ‘Maximizing your Online Business through Attractive and Creative Product Photo’

*photos soon to be uploaded*

Remember the design of your online shop is important to attract the eyes! If you don’t have the expensive DSLR, it’s enough to use your phone camera as long as you can equip tools like a box, table lamp, just put your product inside the center of the box then turn on the lamp! Shoot it and put a clear filter to make it even more charming. All in all this session taught the audience ‘You don’t have to be an Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop user to even create a clear and attractive design’.

Yeah, eventually we did it! If you could look in detail, all of the sessions were starting from the very beginning facet (beginner-medium-a bit intermediate). First if you want to concept and design the strategies of your online business. How you actually develop the ground or foundation prior to starting an online shop, not only in Tokopedia but also if you manage your own e-commerce web or tools in social media like Instagram. In the outset of the second session you’ll be taught to realize after you have maintained the strategies, the promotion tool cannot be left behind. Your online shop will be needed a regular monitoring of promotion tools such, in this session we focus on the promotion tools available on Tokopedia, such as the filter, search engine, how to put a visible hashtag so on so forth… . And yes the last session was for the people who were creative and willing to use simple tools even their homey tools to produce a-look-like-premium product photo.

On the center of the photo: me. Lol. We did it!

And finally we collected about 270++ participants for three sessions, it was beyond our target…my coaches* were happy as well as me! But none was perfect and flawless, I thought there were some lack of management which need to be resolved, first is the registration management and also the commitment the team to actually launch this event together. Well I don’t need to brag many words here but due to the hectiness, it seemed everybody forgot to manage and spend their time to run this event. Well, I take that as an organizational lesson.

*Tokopedia Student Ambassador has every coach per region to mentor and monitor our programs.

Closing this long — long story, I wish the next batch of Tokopedia Student Ambassador would create a bigger event, not only to spread the value of Tokopedia as Indonesian e-commerce but an event which full of festivity and bring a benefit to many parties especially online seller and consumer!!! I believe that e-commerce power couldn’t be underestimated, it would be necessary to all e-commerce platforms to not only promote their brand but most importantly is to educate the beginner seller in Indonesia to use proper tools to sell, so in the further they could be more empowered.

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