Classic Problem in Indonesia.

Peraturan yg diskriminatif tdk bisa mengalahkan people power - @Regzindahood's Tweet:

Yes. The fundraising might represent our empathy and tangible effort. But the one and only thing that we should pay our concern on is the ruling regulation which forbids those small food stalls to operate during fasting days. If it's not, then a mere fundraising will not be a sustainable way. Those razias at that area actually have occured many times since years ago, none of the government was to be found to review the regulation. And imagine if the raid operation would happen in the next year, how could we create a fundraising each and every year?

I really put my concern on that particular local regulation of Lebak, Banten, and the surrounding areas, and wishing everyone does too. We have agreed upon that there is not only one religion recognized by the 1945 Constitution…and I think with that only argument, it has been sufficient for us to request the government both central and local to review again the regent instruction which forbid the small food stalls operating during Ramadan fasting.

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