Old Friend

I accidentally met an old good friend…we had a conversation. It took only 20 minutes, yet we’ve known that we are in our total progress to have a sense of maturity within this period of adolescence. Both of us were respecting the intense dialogue. My curiosity went beyond as if I were impolite human and I could feel a historical intimacy between the two souls that night. I couldn’t deny, it was strange when you didn’t joke with your friend like once you used to when you were in high school. At the end of the talk, she waved her hand as she was in hurry to catch a shuttle car to Jakarta, then told me “All of us are so much fluorishing. I’ll be seeing ourselves in one spherical table someday, having a toast of timeless friendship and for everything that we have done. See you, have a joy there.” — Braga city lights.

As the landing announcement echoed, I opened my eyes for that bittersweet reminiscence. Sometimes losing your mate childish’ soul doesn’t mean you are not the part of that soul anymore. A beautiful grown-up scene. I smiled to myself. Pulling my suitcases away from the valorous pair of wings, bringing her wish of joy to my genesis in the city I’ve ever dreamed to pursue every single long volition. — Sunday morning in Birmingham, UK.

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