Why Medium?

The welcoming page on Medium is very simple and clean; courtesy of Lifehacker.com

Now I’m going to tell you several reasons why I prefer shifting to this simple and clean blogging platform — Medium, rather than using already popular platforms.

I used to write my stuffs on the set up-based blogging, be it on blogspot, wordpress, or tumblr. And as I’ve told you I forgot the password of my past blogs and end up making a newest version over and over again…now it’s already a pile of abandoned blog. Hahaha. Well, I’m not a frequent blog writter, this is supposed to be a beginner level for me. And since I’m lazy to set up another new blog with the template and the appearance, suddenly Medium bounced off my Line homepage. I began to observe all the way it works. Voila! I feel the platform is compatible to get more oriented in a-content-based-writting. There are exactly some pros for a beginner blogging user like me.

First, Quick and Simple. If you’re not too colorful person or I mean if you don’t want to feel busy setting up the design, template, or homepage of your blog, you can start your simple blogging on Medium. Which for me, since it’s not the first time I register to blog, I’m kinda reluctant to make a new setting of blog, eventhough you can make it simple…but still…). You can immediately start writing and forget the background or template settings, because it’s as simple as Medium. The founder of this blogging site is the co-founder of Twitter. Twitter is very simple microblogging site but it will be more suitable to bring forward a headline news or a quick story. Meanwhile, Medium is focused more on a longer writting, so feel free to write and spread anything useful to your surrounding.

Second, you can easily look for inspiration as well as information related to the topic of your posts. There are a lot of tags on medium that you can click and read everytime, and if you’re lucky you will be gathered on your unexpected favorite post. I’d like to browse on the tags I follow then unexpectedly I found my typical of article. Don’t forget to press the love button!

Third, it is claimed that you will get a bigger reach than a lot of existing blogging sites. Medium has a better discoverability for newbie bloggers.

The comparison between Medium and Wordpress interface. Courtesy of https://medium.com/i-m-h-o/why-mediums-interface-matters-3bc1a10ea0a5#.1ezi33d1s.

You can discover a number of article on Medium and be observant on your writting, is it something that you’re really want and to stick with? As this site was founded by the Co Founder of Twitter, Evan Williams, no wonder the interface is simple, clean, and beautiful, compared to those set-up based blog.

Here , some of reviews quoted from tech-based website and advance blogger which I favor the most…

“ On Medium, posts are curated and picked up for the main page, and popular posts float to the top automatically. […] The big benefit for these new platforms is that they’re not just blogging platforms, but also discovery platforms. They’re all about the writing, so they make it easier for people to find and read your writing, and for you to find and read others’. If you’re trying to gain exposure, writing on a platform like Medium, Svbtle, and yes, even Kinja is a great way to do it. — Lifehacker.com, http://lifehacker.com/whats-with-new-blogging-platforms-like-medium-should-1518292181.

“The ethos of Medium is inherently democratic; it seeks to give a voice to people who have something interesting to say, even if they don’t have thousands of Twitter followers, an active blog or friends in the right places. Medium is built to reward content for its quality, not for the pedigree or popularity of the author […] On Medium, the content that is made most visible is not necessarily the most recent, but it is almost certainly the best.” — Kissmetrics.com, https://blog.kissmetrics.com/marketers-guide-to-medium/.

And I can’t agree more to the statement on Kissmetrics, if you’re not so gifted setting up a creative blog, something looks ugly is almost none to be found in Medium, no matter how inexperience you are of writing a blog. The format of the text and image have been more than enough in the thoughts of the Medium team. They give a structuralized and clean format which will be suitable for a beginner and it’s still allowing you to make your creative license.

Summing up it all, based on the analytics from those sites, I think it’s a great way for you to make it on Medium, if you’re more to writting content than customizing your blog, since Medium is less customizable. Easy to read and easy to write, since the team also put the estimating time on the interface for you to read an article. But again it depends on you whether you want to have a full control of your blog or not (like in Wordpress, Blogspot, Squarespace, etc.) because in Medium the royalty-free access of your posts is under the control of Medium team. You have your own copyright to your posts, but they’re able to do anything with the posts, such as selling, using it for an ad, etc. Well, I think for a beginner user like me, I still prefer use Medium, it’s free for us to write anything responsibly and it will be a great sharing in the future!

Thanks…Finally, I’m done with this post, I postponed it for approximately 5 days… to only write this…writing a blog needs a huge of commitment despite your hecticness.

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