Why the Hell I Created Blog {again}?

Oh my God…I can’t remember how many blogs I’ve created in the past. Well, the most organized blog of mine was www.yousee1000mouths.tumblr.com ((i know it’s an absurd name)) hahaha. That particular blog I made when I was in…junior high ? [alay] I don’t really take into account. You might come and visit my very old and absurd tumblr, some of my artworks are there, I do photoshop, and most of the contents are Adele and The Script, and some of “ala-ala” arts. Hehehe.

Nevertheless, I have several personal reasons why I should create a blog.

First, I believe that some successful humans do blogging, Gisella the former Google Student Ambassador of Unpar has inspired me to do so. She has her own blog, for you a traveller or want to experience a student exchange program, check her blog on http://gigabackpack.blogspot.co.id/. Disclaimer: This is not a promotion, this is an honest saying hahaha.

Second, Caring is Sharing (bullshit) hahaha, I think that’s quite a lame saying. If you want to share just share it, no matter what people think. {haters gonna hate, people will always criticize you}. Well, many exceptional friends of mine do blogging. They share their uncommon stories, it could be a life journal (travelling and philosophy stuffs) or just a random narration of this f*ckin hard life. Blogging can also develop your writing skill, notably for International Relations student like me. I will also build my deep commitment to write all the discourses in English, although I know I’m not very good in grammatically writing (but who cares?) (my lecturer cares hahaha) (they will not read this anyway). Oh ya some IR students from Unair (if I’m not mistaken) have edu blogs, talking about various IR stuffs. The domain of their blog is blablabla-fisip.web.unair.ac.id. Nah sometimes their blogs are somewhat useful for my paper, but I don’t give them the credit as a reference or footnote in my paper, because it’s a personal blog and my lecturer doesn’t permit us to use that particular blog. I use it to double my argument or to make a framework of my paper. Anyhow, though I also recognize myself as not-so-frequent-blog-writer but I’ll always try to keep up to date on this blog, I will also put my analysis in some of international issues that I read from the BBC, CNN, Kompas, or whatever international news could be), as long as those hectic schedules of college life not killing me.

Third, I’ve just been elected as Tokopedia Student Ambassador for the 2016 period. One of the ambassadorial project is writing a monthly article about the positive impact of Internet towards Indonesian society. I believe that there are so many many many ideas to talk about digital technology, internet, e-commerce — (Most of Indonesians spend their money in internet, buying a lot of stuffs, they do worldwide shipping too :O). And especially now Indonesians are spoiled by Gojek, Uber, Grab Car, and the other amazing stuffs related to mobile applications which make life easier. Needless to say Gojek and Uber are my helpful transportations to meet any scheduled and unscheduled event in Bandung during my college life, as I’m not provided by private bike or car.


In this personal blog I’m gonna write some of my ordinary life stuffs, private thoughts, travel experiences, competition experiences, technology, any good stuff that I can share (ex: 10 powerful dating webs) — NO just kidding hehe. Or I may share another random stuffs. Ok, just let it flow. Life is surprising anyway. Then I got so much inspiration to write from my very dynamic surroundings, I met some unexpected people who unexpectedly shared their unexpected stories. It might be a little thing that could change my life, yup a little bit turning point, or whatever it’s called. Everytime I meet new person, it would lead me to be more observant, from their stories I know that this world has millions of personalities, although one to another looks similar, but one person is one in a million. That’s why I love amazing conversation, especially to whom I never talked before. I’m trying to be a good listener.

For this life is unexpected and I love the way it accidentally carries me to the side I’ve never been. Sometimes, I randomly hang out with someone and we just have a beyond good conversation. I wish I could translate it into a heartwarming writting.

Those people whom I seldom to talk to, but once in a while, they inspire me so muccch!

Well to limit my blahblahblah, let’s just make this blog running as good as I can do. Pardon for my grammar error, I still learn and learn anyway. Cheers and see you :)

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