Best Spine Surgeon in India Providing Affordable Cost Spine Treatment

Introduction to spine surgery:
Now you can get cured of chronic back pain and other spine disorders at the hands of the best spine surgeon in India at an affordable cost. Spine surgery whether neck surgery or back surgery is an advanced surgical option for pain and disability caused in the spine system of a patient. Among most patients spine surgery is considered as the final solution if non surgical solutions do not work well. Complications of the spine system may cause chronic pain in the neck, back and leg. When we discuss of common disorders of the spine then spine treatment can be a very effective surgical option. Arthritis, sciatica, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, scar tissue formation and annual tears are some common spinal disorders that are cured at spine surgery hospitals of India.
Why should one choose top rated spine surgery hospitals of India
Choosing a favorable hospital can leave an essential effect on the quality of recovery followed by a spine treatment. Following are the causes why one should select spine surgery hospitals in India for getting variety of spine procedures:-
1) The primary aim of spine surgery hospitals in India is to offer affordable cost, cutting edge technology, best hope and full healthcare while doing spine surgeries on international patients.

2) Spine surgery hospitals at Indian metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore are equipped with modern state of art medical technology and international quality infra structure. Both of these are at par in comparison to USA and European countries.

3) Most spine treatment hospitals in India work in according to the international benchmark set by global medical institutions. These hospitals maintain a high level of medical services to conform that all protocols of these hospitals are of appreciable quality. Indian spine surgery hospitals have got accreditation from ISO and JCI.

4) There are zero waiting lists at Indian spine surgery hospitals. Therefore patients do not face delay in getting medical appointments with Indian spine surgeons.

5) In India you get access to top medical spine specialists on the very same day. Here patients get top quality medical treatment and healthcare for a very less cost at major Indian healthcare institutions.

6) International patients at spine surgery hospitals are cared for by trained and compassionate nurses and paramedical staff. These patients are provided with extra amenities like boarding and accommodation for companion, shopping, interpreters, currency exchange and holiday vacation packages during their entire stay.

Who are the genuine spine surgeons of India
Following are the main basic features of the best spine surgeons of India:
1) Eligible Indian spine specialists are MS in neurosurgery or spine orthopedics; they are MCH in spine surgery. These surgeons have a wide range of surgical experience.

2) Most Indian associate surgeons and doctors have got medical training in abroad and have worked in the best medical institutions of the USA, UK, Europe and other developed countries around the globe. All doctors, nurses and paramedical staff at major Indian hospitals are expert and fluent at spoken English.

3) India has got the best spine treatment professionals who are dedicated to their patients. They believe in providing good quality healthcare amenities to their patients at cheap prices.
About the company:
Dheeraj Bojwani Health Consultants have successfully solved more than 4500 cases of neurosurgery and spine treatment in India. They are the real and genuine pioneers in healthcare services at an affordable cost budget.

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