Instructions before Hair transplant Surgery

Instructions before Hair transplant

1. Inform your doctor of any known allergies, previous surgeries and any other medications you are following.

2. Inform doctor if you had an event during administration of local anesthesia or you have never had local anesthesia before.

3. Blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, thyroid, medicines, can be continued. Take morning dose on the day of the procedure. Aspirin and anticoagulants can be continued after informing the doctor.

4. Stop, multivitamins Minoxidil, Mintop, Tugain, Rogain & hair growth medicines 5 days before the procedure.

5. Stop Smoking one week prior and three weeks after the procedure.

6. Do not ware T — shirts, pullovers, on the day of the hair transplant.

7. Have light breakfast 30–40 minutes prior & reach the hospital by 8.15am on the day of the procedure.

8. Keep 3–5 inch long hair on the back to cover the shaving of the donor area.

9. Shaving of the head as required for FUE will be done on the morning of the procedure.

10. Shaving for body hair can be done 5 days prior and for beard hair grafts, keep unshaven beard for 2 days prior.

11. Antiseptic head wash will be done at the clinic, on the morning of the procedure.

12. Grey hair requires to be colored down to the scalp, one day before or on the morning of the procedure.

13. No heavy exercise, workouts, energy drinks, alcohol, high intake of caffeine, one day prior to the procedure.

Lab Tests to be done before the Hair transplant — CBC, Blood Sugar, HIV, HCV, HbSAg, BT/CT.

Other tests may be added as per pre-existing medical conditions and fitness certificate requested from your treating physician.

Medicines to be taken for 5 days after the Hair transplant

1. ZiFi LBX 200mg (Cifexime antibiotic)

one morning — — one evening x 5 days

2. Disperzyme (enzyme for faster healing & prevention of swelling)

two morning — — two evening x 2 days, stop after 2 days.

3. BTR (enzyme and pain killer)

one morning — — and — — one evening x 5 days.

4. Sebowash Shampoo

for hair wash after from 3rd day morning, then wash alternate day x 10 days.

5. Normal Saline Spray provided should be used over the grafts every 3–4 hours x 3 days from evening of the surgery.

6. Start ice cold compresses on forehead & finger massage on evening of the procedure and continue 3 times a day x 4–5 days.

From day 6 to day 10 there are no medicines. Start minoxidil & hair growth vitamins from day 10.

One dose of the medicines has been administered before starting the procedure. Take your evening dose when you reach home.

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