Exploring the game design behind one of the world’s most popular games

2020 has been incredible. Many fun things were banned in India, and across the world, for various reasons: eating out, travelling, living without the fear of death, and most recently in India, PUBG.

In case you’ve never heard of PUBG, but highly unlikely; it is a First-Person-Shooter game that was released in 2017 and became an instant hit. To date, it continues to be a global phenomenon. Well, except in India, Iraq, Pakistan, and Indonesia. (Yep, India isn’t the only one who banned it).

However, save for India, the other countries banned it for the very reason it’s such a…

the story of the app that went viral making viral content

A couple of weeks back I wrote about PUBG, the famous first-person-shooter game that got banned in India. Today, I wanted to explore the design behind another app that got banned even before PUBG, TikTok.

TikTok doesn’t need any introduction. This short-video-format social media giant filled the gaping void that Vine left behind. Until today, there’s no one single specific reason why Vine was shut down by Twitter. Some say it was because the founders left, and some say it was due to Snapchat allowing 10 second videos to be uploaded and posted publicly. Vine shutting down left a big…

the saga of the two juggernauts in the food delivery space in India

Food. I’d rarely find anyone hesitant to talk about this subject. Sure, there can be a discussion on what someone hates and loves in this, but I think everybody loves food. Today’s topic is on that. Yay!

Well, to clarify, it’s about the two most famous food delivery apps in India. Both of them provide the same service fundamentally, deliver from almost all the same restaurants, and many of their delivery agents work for both. We’re looking at Zomato and Swiggy. Both companies compete on offers, delivery exclusivity with some restaurants, and on who burns more money to acquire customers.

the story of one of most popular toy companies

Toys have always been an integral part in shaping a child’s brain. One could often see parents segregating figurine toys as violent and non-violent ones. Here’s a common one: GI-Joe toys — violent, Superhero toys — non-violent. I think it doesn’t make any sense. Both GI-Joe characters and Spiderman are equal instigators of mayhem in the world around them. The difference between them is one of them is positive and the other one is negative. Wars are considered negative, but Spiderman killing a Peter-Pan looking creature on a hoverboard is positive. …

Colourful and Confusing

One of the biggest design news items in the past couple of days has been Google’s rebranding of the ‘G Suite’ to Google Workspace.

What do you think? Open disclosure, I am on the fence about this.

So, in this story, I am going to share my views on this very polarizing rebranding.

Déja Vú Moment

Before we delve deep into Google’s case, I want us to recollect the Facebook rebranding that happened at the end of last year. Facebook owns some of the (if not all) most popular social media and communications apps in the world. …

the Story of one of the world’s most popular e-readers

Amazon’s success story is one to learn a lot from. It’s excellence in digital products is second to none. They’ve achieved a considerable amount of success with consumer electronic goods as well. Save for some disastrous failures with products like the Fire Phone, Fire Tablet etc.,

Their greatest success stories in consumer electronics revolve around 2 products. A smart speaker, the Amazon Echo, and an e-reader, the Amazon Kindle. While Echo does have some competition from the Google Home range, the Kindle virtually has a monopoly in the e-reader market.

Today’s issue is going to revolve around the Kindle.


On their latest rebranding

Last week, one of the hottest news items in graphic design was Rolls Royce unveiling its new brand identity. The new brand identity is definitely more than meets the eye.

Source: Pentagram Website

Full disclosure: I love it. While it does seem very simple, it’s not. Every aspect has been well-thought out by Pentagram, the agency behind the rebranding.

Broadly, there’s three aspects of the identity that I love: Colors, Art, and Font. Let’s dive in!


One of the most important aspects of branding is the Color Palette selection. There are specific colors which certain brands are associated with in…

Do they have a purpose?

Let’s go back to about six years ago. It is 2014. A long time before we get into a devastating global pandemic. This year sparked a trend in the smartphone industry which would eventually lead humanity to this:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20’s — camera bump. This story isn’t about how good or bad the Note 20 is. The camera bump is not unique to this phone but a large number of them from various brands. And, this story is about camera bumps in general.

Full disclosure, I dislike them for two reasons:

  1. I like to keep my phone screen…

UI design history — understanding what Neumorphism is

Today we will be doing a deep dive into a certain aspect of UI design history — understanding what Neumorphism is, learning about an Indian company that adopted Neumorphism before Apple advertised it to the world, and whether Neumorphism is really worth it. Jump in.

A short history of User Interface design

If you were to look at the journey of most artforms, almost all of it began with artists trying to recreate real objects as accurately as possible. Old paintings or sculptures do their best to represent the real world shapes and proportions. However, over time different styles emerged. From a medium that only tried to…

The very unique branding in comparison to other Tesla vehicles

The Tesla Cybertruck is arguably one of the most polarising products to have come out in a while. It is quite rare for a thing of this nature to occur, especially from such a widely known company, with a CEO who everybody follows closely. All of the previous models presented to the public by Tesla was mostly met with love and admiration. Especially the Roadster, which is highly anticipated.

With the Cybertruck, Tesla did something entirely different in comparison to their other cars— the branding. Everything about this is unique.

Where is the uniqueness?

While the changes and differences were subtle at places, they’re…

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