Dheerja, you were always a rockstar!
Steve Clancy

Steve Clancy you were an OG rockstar who I looked up to so much in my career at ESPN! Seriously — I learned so much from you, both professionally and personally. You’re absolutely right, imposter syndrome goes well beyond gender and it’s just so prevalent in development. I’m glad it resonated — part of why I wrote this was that it was just cathartic to put it all out there. It seems like we’re not alone, and it’s always helpful to know you’re not. The “faking it” thing is interesting — I totally agree, everyone’s faking it to some capacity. But I do think some people know they’re faking it and “own it” vs. others who are constantly in fear of being found out. Anyway, thanks for being you and for being such a huge part of how I got to where I am :)

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