You Are What You Post

With millions of users of social media, we can easily let them know how we feel, what are we doing, and to whom we are listening.

It’s just a “type away”, and tadaa! What you’ve just said can be seen by thousands of people you have in your circle.


I was reminded of a bible verse that speaks loudly to my soul today: “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Our tongues carry the information we feed in our mind. Basically, you become what you feed in your mind. Today, it’s not only the tongue has the power to give life and death, to bring curse or a blessing but also in the words we typed and share in the social media.

Earlier, I was had the chance to review what I’ve been posted on Facebook for the past few years. And honestly, it made me to laugh at myself, and to summarize here are they:

  • 2009–2010, I was posting my rants. From school projects, terrible thesis panelists and rants about the online game I used to play.
  • 2010–2012, I was posting nonsense. From game requests like friends for sale, mafia wars and farm village! Plus my post regarding how terrible my situation was at my old employer. I was dreadful back then!
  • 2012–2013, The major turning point of my life. A sudden conversion of my heart, mind, and soul happened. I met Christ. I started posting bible verses and reflections — totally different than I was! Yet I was posting what I was doing, answered non-sense FB Quizzes and ranting about traffic, government and everything!
  • 2013–2014, I fell in love and honestly I posted everything about relationships, from manhood, courtship, and marriage.
  • 2015, I was devastated. I felt my world ended when that woman rejected me. I started posting articles or “patama” posts that clearly reflected who I was during that time.
  • 2016, I decided to forgive and forget. Posted a few answered prayers and successes yet my posts became toxic again because of the election. I campaigned for my candidate, opposed his enemies, debated a few friends, and literally my FB Newsfeed was full of hatred and division.

But later this year, I was grateful that a close friend pointed it out to me. I was toxic already. He even asked me if there was any emotional baggage I’ve been carrying. He’s an SEO expert then later became a recruitment head of HR Department he is working for.

Lessons started to sink in me as I reflect on what I’ve been posting. He pointed me that my FB Profile is my branding. People who don’t know you will judge you based on what you’ve been posting.

Your facebook post is the reflection of who you are when you’re in front of your computer and not in front of other people.

Your post becomes your branding. People in the social media will define you with what you post online.

It doesn’t mean that you will get your identity based on other’s perception because we know that you cannot please other people, but it means, are you reflecting who you are in the social media? What kind of person are you portraying to them?

After that encounter, I carefully think of what I will be posting. If it’s politically inclined, will I be opposing others? Can I promote healthy discussion or will my post will cause division?

If you are a Christian, does your post reflects your faith? Will it build others or tear them down?. Will other people will think you are a Christian by what you post on social media?

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