Saving Money and Water with your irrigation

Particularly in a dry climate, water conservation is of paramount importance. That is why in many dry climates residents are given a cap on the amount they are allowed to use monthly, this includes irrigation property services. Saving water here is vital, as dry spells can last for weeks. It can also get very expensive to run a Residential Irrigation system that is installed incorrectly, or used poorly. Worst of all, a simple mistake can lead you to waste gallons of water and hour, if you intend to save some cash and water with your machine, here are a few general tips which may help you in saving your money and water.


Making sure your irrigation system is well tended for can mean the difference between wasting a ton of water, and everything working smoothly. Even a simple hole in the line can mean the difference between a massive bill and easily manageable costs. Do self-check on it every month or when the weather is exceptionally bad and has a professional look at it at least once a year. This will help you determine if there is a problem anywhere in it. If your water use is way up, this may also be a good sign to get it looked into.

Careful Use:

Make sure to time the use of water with the weather. If rain is expected later in the day or week, do not run it. Also, turn it all off during the night. Even in dryer climates, dew collects on the plant in the morning, making it a waste to use your irrigation then. If it is a dry spell or similarly damaging weather, be careful about how often you need to use it, you can quickly run through your allotted water usage. Simply being aware of the weather and what your grass or plants can take can save you massive amounts of money and water.

High Efficiency Systems:

If you have a new irrigation system put in, do not skimp on water efficiency. What you pay here during construction can save you a bundle down the road. An efficient machine can use half of the water an older irrigation system would use daily. If you can manage it, a drip irrigation system is the best way to go for conservation. You can increase savings by using gray water from laundry and sinks. High efficiency will always save you more water and money than a standard that you are using it at the moment.

Everyone loves a luscious green lawn:

Short of installing artificial grass, the only way to maintain a healthy green lawn is to have an efficient lawn sprinkler system. Maintaining a beautiful lawn improves the look of your home. Your beautiful residential lawn creates a more attractive space and adds to your enjoyment and because of the impact your neighbors will love you.

Several style of lawn sprinklers to choose from

Watering your lawn by hand may reduce stress. Some die-hard residential lawn care experts suggest a special hand type sprinkler for certain areas of a lawn so all the fields are irrigated uniformly. With the innovative and creative technology available, there is a Residential Sprinkler System that can accommodate everything from the tiniest side garden to a large estate. You can get information about your region, the soil type that is located in your yard. You will know the steps you will take to keep your lawn clean.

You not only need an efficient system, but you also have to choose the correct type of sprinkler to bring out the best in your lawn. When you put in a new lawn a sprinkler becomes more important because the water requirements increase.

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