Closing A Great Chapter

Just over 24 months ago I left Madison Avenue to join Mozilla, the makers of Firefox — a return to my technology roots and product oriented thinking. I had the most amazing remit in the entire world IMHO: build a team from scratch which will ideate, prototype, build, test, scale, market, and commercialize the only content and advertising platform that respects users. And we did it.

some of us at Dmexco 2015 (Cologne, Germany)

These people did it: Annelise, Hermina, Marina, Lara, Kate, Ursula, Margaret, PatrickC, PatrickF, Matt, Justin, Jason, Sean, Kevin, Tim, Olivier, Ricky, Nan, Doug, Aaron, Max, betaMax, Jess, Jeff, Christopher, Shea, Shez, Ed, Bryan, and more all had a hand in making our platform a global reality. None of what we have accomplished as a team could have happened without this amazing team of rockstar Mozillians.

Mozilla has opened my eyes to a world that I knew about, but didn’t fully comprehend. The future of the world wide web as we know it is changing and I got a front row seat for the past two years. I am grateful for all of the lessons I learned here about distributed workforces, working globally, rendering engines, security, user agency, Eskilstuna, open source, localization, mission oriented businesses, Liverpool FC and of course, how to navigate JFK Airport each Monday at 6:30am.

But after 24 months, I’m ready for my next challenge. December 31 2015 will be my last day working for Mozilla but i’ll always be a Mozillian.

Thank you for all of your support over the years and none of what we’ve accomplished would have been possible without the amazing support of my wife Sherri, my work-wife Lara, Ann Mehl, Jess, Denelle, Patrick Finch, and one of my best friends and former co-founders, Andrew Sispoidis.

To all, thank you.