An Open Letter to the Cincinnati Reds

To Whom it May Concern,

A couple of months ago I voiced my opinion of the current season on the Cincinnati Reds Facebook page. That opinion, which I will share here, was not as bright and positive as the organization must have wished as I was blocked from the page.

My thought was the Reds fans should prepare themselves for the worst, possibly up to 120 losses on the season (yes, this was quite dire and no I don’t think it’ll be that bad). I went on to respond to another Reds fan, questioning who exactly the team had that would magically produce a winning ball club (calling Philips old, Votto past his prime and Bruce too streaky to rely on). I was not vulgar or combative, but this stark criticism resulted in my being banned from the page anyway.

Having been a Reds fan for the entirety of my life (32 years), this cut me deeply. Are we, as fans, not allowed to be critical of the organization? Is that not part of what being a fan is, or are we supposed to support every decision the Owners/Management make (despite if we agree with them or not)?

Because of the actions of the Management of this team (including the Social Media team) I cannot conscientiously continue to support the Reds with my money. There will always be a place for the Reds in my heart, and I wish you guys the best, but you will get nothing from me financially going forward. At least not until their is new Management in the organization that truly cares about the fans and allows open, civil criticism and is willing to address fans concerns rather than shut them down and block them out.

I can’t believe it came to this, but I have to stand by my principles and values. Any organization that treats its fans this way, disrespects its fans. That organization should remember that its the fans that fill the seats and pay the bills, and that they should be treated with the utmost respect even when they are being critical of your decisions.

Thank you for your time,

Darren Hertenstein