The pandemic turbo-charged e-commerce — now the two giants are battling over the future of shipping

A FedEx shipping box rotates against a backdrop of toilet paper, gift boxes, and hand sanitizer

In August 2019, FedEx made an announcement that puzzled anyone who hadn’t been keeping a close eye on the tick-tock of the shipping industry: The company would no longer deliver packages for Amazon.

Why would a business entirely built around prompt package delivery go out of its way to fire…

The $32 billion company was known as an icon of manufacturing innovation. Then came the mask shortage—and Trump.

On the evening of April 2, some two weeks into America’s full-blown Covid crisis, President Donald Trump fired off a tweet to his more than 80 million followers:

We hit 3M hard today after seeing what they were doing with their masks… Big surprise to many in government as to…

The Canadian e-commerce company is breathing down Silicon Valley’s neck as the next great enterprise behemoth

In late March, 15,000 gallons of beer were sloshing around in Peter Bulut’s tanks and barrels with nowhere to go. Bulut, the owner of Great Lakes Brewing Co., first started working in his father’s tiny craft brewery in Toronto almost 30 years ago, when he was 21. Since taking over…

A bag of King Arthur Flour propped up next to a baguette, eggs, and a whisk.

How King Arthur Flour found itself in the unlikely crosshairs of a pandemic

Baking bread was a regular family affair in Linda Ely’s childhood home, leaving her with a lifelong bread-baking habit and some powerful memories. “I think of my family every single time I bake,” she says.

Ely has been able to pay some of that gift forward to the thousands of…

An illustration of cowboy characters with lassos driving Tesla Cybertrucks.

Can Tesla and Rivian convince practical Ford-loving pickup drivers to buy their futuristic machismo machines?

It just doesn’t make sense to buy a car, to hear Mike Canada tell it. “You gotta have a truck,” says the expansively bearded 64-year-old who owns a cluttered, sprawling antique and collectibles shop on the outskirts of Houston. “Cars can only get passengers from point A to B. Trucks…

The research is weak and misleading, yet dentists are adamant. So where does that leave us?

Three years ago, the Associated Press published an article that appeared to discredit something most of us are told twice a year by our dentists. The article looked at 25 studies on flossing and determined they pretty much all failed to find solid scientific evidence that flossing provides any benefits…

From paging a doctor to radioing one on the ground, airlines have ways of coping with illness. But none of them are ideal.

A collage illustration of a plane, air sickness bag, a first aid kit, a bandaid, pills, and a flight attendant.

It was a moment straight out of a movie. Cyrus Komer, MD, was flying on Delta Airlines from Boston to Vancouver, Canada, on a ski vacation, when a flight attendant asked a question over the PA system: “Is there a doctor onboard?” Komer, a physician specializing in internal medicine, who…

David H. Freedman

David is a Boston-based science writer. The most recent of his five books is WRONG, about the problems with medical research and other expertise.

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