The pandemic turbo-charged e-commerce — now the two giants are battling over the future of shipping

A FedEx shipping box rotates against a backdrop of toilet paper, gift boxes, and hand sanitizer
Illustration: Shira Inbar

Inside Butterball’s plight to save the holiday — and its business

Illustration: Loulou Joao

Illustration: Pablo Delcan

The $32 billion company was known as an icon of manufacturing innovation. Then came the mask shortage—and Trump.

The Canadian e-commerce company is breathing down Silicon Valley’s neck as the next great enterprise behemoth

Photo illustration: Jon Han, sources: Lonely Planet Images / Photolibrary / Getty Images

A bag of King Arthur Flour propped up next to a baguette, eggs, and a whisk.
Photos: Stephanie Gonot

How King Arthur Flour found itself in the unlikely crosshairs of a pandemic

It can be a powerful medical tool — especially now

Photo: teekid/Getty Images

What to do when you feel that first throat tingle

Illustration: Tess Smith-Roberts

The myths

According to studies, “sweating out” a cold right at its start (or later) isn’t likely to do anything to reduce its impact, no matter how you do it — via exercise, steam, or sitting in a hot, dry sauna. …

An illustration of cowboy characters with lassos driving Tesla Cybertrucks.
Illustrations: Jackson Gibbs

Can Tesla and Rivian convince practical Ford-loving pickup drivers to buy their futuristic machismo machines?

The research is weak and misleading, yet dentists are adamant. So where does that leave us?

Illustrations: George Wylesol

From paging a doctor to radioing one on the ground, airlines have ways of coping with illness. But none of them are ideal.

A collage illustration of a plane, air sickness bag, a first aid kit, a bandaid, pills, and a flight attendant.
Illustration: Arabella Simpson

David H. Freedman

David is a Boston-based science writer. The most recent of his five books is WRONG, about the problems with medical research and other expertise.

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