Dave Gamache
2 min readDec 9, 2014


I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written. It was so abrupt when we parted. I went to work for Twitter and was growing as a designer and front-end there. I forgot to write you more often. And things weren’t better when I joined Medium a couple years later. You just get busy…ya know? I completely abandoned you.

I wasn’t worried about you though. I figured a few thousand people were still working with you every year. I saw you in mentioned in the occasional Tweet or front-end tools article. It felt like despite my lack of attention, you were doing fine on your own.

You must understand I had no idea what you were up to while I was focusing elsewhere. Imagine my shock when I checked your download counter for the first time in almost three years. I expected to see 10k…maybe 20k at most.

Over half a million people downloaded you over the past three years.

Forgive me. I didn’t know. Compared to the big boys like Bootstrap and Foundation, I know the number is insignificant, but to me, it’s tremendous. Hundreds of thousands of people are working with you and I abandoned you. I feel wildly irresponsible. I brought you into this world and have been neglecting you ever since.

That changes today. You probably didn’t notice, but I’ve been hard at work for the past week or so in a separate branch building you up. Making you new again. Updating you where you’ve grown painfully old.

Is this new you perfect yet? Of course not.

Am I committed to sticking by your side this time? Absolutely. You won’t be alone again. I’ll be there helping build you up.

Don’t be scared. It’s not a “whole new you” really. I mean, you’ll look different and might feel a bit different inside, but you’re still the same Skeleton. At your core, you’ve always been a simple grid and basic styles for core HTML elements. That hasn’t changed. You remain lightweight and style agnostic. Heck, you’re even still built with vanilla CSS. I know we both like it old school and simple.

The short of it is, I’m sorry I forgot about you. We’ve both been busy these past couple years, but this time around, I won’t give you the silent treatment. I can’t promise I’ll write every day or even every week, but I’ll keep up and make sure you get the love you need. That I can promise.

I released Skeleton 2.0 today. It’s nothing revolutionary, but I hope it helps the hundreds of thousands that have used it to date…and the hundreds of thousands that will use it someday.



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