A few weeks ago I started working on something new. I’m calling it Launchday. Over the years, I’ve probably designed ~100 product landing pages and most of them are based on a handful of building blocks. Launchday abstracts those blocks and makes it easy for anyone to arrange them to build a product site.

As an experiment, I’m sharing what I’ve built so far because I want to hear what you think about it.

I know this isn’t the proper way to conduct “product validation”, but I’m just looking to get some feedback earlier rather than later. …

Note: if you haven’t already read This is Launchday, Whaddya Think?, you should definitely read that first:

Last month I was starting a new project and needed to build a quick product landing page. I recalled productpages.xyz being #1 on Product Hunt a couple weeks prior, so I started exploring it and handful of other inspiration sites.

After browsing a few hundred sites, it struck me how homogenous they all were. Apparently, I’m not only one thinking about it either:

5k+ ❤️’s ?! Clearly this struck a nerve.

There are a few ways to walk away from this realization:

  • 💪 Motivated to differentiate your next product…

Dear Skeleton,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written. It was so abrupt when we parted. I went to work for Twitter and was growing as a designer and front-end there. I forgot to write you more often. And things weren’t better when I joined Medium a couple years later. You just get busy…ya know? I completely abandoned you.

I wasn’t worried about you though. I figured a few thousand people were still working with you every year. …


Dave Gamache

Previously designed Twitter & Medium. Adventuring.

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