Serious question, only because I don’t want to feel like this again: how much of this will be what…
Philip Arthur Moore

Philip, REWORK has sold more than half a million copies. Only a tiny minority of those readers had already read everything we’d ever published. So it’s not a priority to avoid repeating ourselves. In fact, it’s the opposite in some regard.

So The Calm Company will surely include many of the themes we’ve been talking about for years. It’ll also include plenty of new topics or new takes or new angles. The idea is to edit down one cohesive argument for a calmer life at work. One that can be digested in a few hours, one that can be easily shared.

I find that most of the hardest, most important lessons take more than a single sitting to truly internalize. I might have heard a saying or considered an insight 3–4–5–10 times before it actually sinks in and changes my behavior. So repetition of what’s important is a virtue for us in its own right.

Regardless, I think the best way to avoid getting disappointed is to spend less time building up expectations. If you start from the most basic, that you will have heard everything before, but it’ll be presented in an edited form and beautifully illustrated, you can only win. If you expect that there’ll be a bottomless pit of novel, revolutionary, never-heard-before insights that are going to instantly change your life, well, then, you might well be disappointed 😄.

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