GirlScript Summer of Code (GSSoC) — 2018

“I always look at the opportunities coming in my way because it makes me to learn and explore my weak points”

Well, this is the general rule for those who intend to gain knowledge.

I have been looking for an opensource opportunity where i can make my developer profile and look i made it.

This was all because of Girlscript Organisation and my mentor Satwik Kansal who wanted to make his python repository as a online quiz website.

I mainly contributed to the what-the-f**k-python project where i developed a slackbot using python and another was to integrate the Github bot with slack.I topped this project in terms of contribution.

Also the NGO project of Girlscript where i developed a responsive website using bootstrap,javascript,html,CSS and grabbed 2nd position in that too.

Both these tasks were based on some logic and a tones of python programming.While working on the issues i got to learn about the APIs, generally Slack API and learnt how much powerful tools these APIs are.

In the end i will just conclude that opensource is just about gazing the real world scenarios of the Softwares and bring your knowledge into action with your code.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

At last but not the least thank you Girlscript for this amazing opportunity, it really made my expectations worth.

Please look at my repository developed in this summer and do provide a star or fork it.

Also you can see the link of my merged Pull Requests below.

If you have any doubt or need some clarification then reach out to me on

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