Difference between UCA & UT

Difference between UCA & UT

User-Centered Analysis:
It’s a data gathering and analysis method. it answers:

  1. How user think and do their tasks?
  2. What factor affects user’s tasks?
  3. What user want or expect from the design?
  4. What user’s problems, aspiration and motivations are?

Usability Testing:
it’s an evolution of existing design with set measurable criteria. it answers:

  1. Is the design usable?
  2. Does the design match the way user think, work and expect it to be.
  3. Is the design effective, efficient and satisfactory to the user?
  4. Can user complete their key tasks?

Shortcoming of Usability Testing as an Analysis Method

  1. UT helps to find/locate problems in the design but does not tell the root cause of the problem and how to fix it.
  2. You can only observe the reaction of user. but may not understand the reason behind those reaction.
  3. The result of UT are limited to the task performed by the user. and it can not be generalised to analysis of entire website. UT does not tell how user approach to entire domain.