Some thoughts about design

Design Thoughts By Dhiraj Singh Karki

Design is not just design, it’s solution for life. it makes life easier in every way. from a small needle to huge Boeing 747, everything is designed, but few things are designed well by some awesome designers.

Here are a few thoughts about design which i liked while reading some superb designers interviews. and some of them i have posted on my twitter account as well.
“Space is like air: it is necessary for design to breathe”
- Wojciech Zieliński (UI/UX Designer at @infullmobile)

“Small interactions are the beginnings of great collaboration”

“If you switch on your curiosity, it’s easy to find problems to work on”
— Bill Burnett ( Executive Director Stanford Design Program)

“Design isn’t about how things look — it’s a plan, strategy, and an execution.

”“We need to treat our lives the way we treat our designs.”
— Unknown

“Design is the thin layer that Connects Complexity to Meaning. Yes! Design is about Making Solution”

“People usually ask for things they want, not necessarily for what they need”

“Designers come up with elegant solutions to problems that others are unable to solve”
— Vitaly Odemchuk ( Head of Design at Weebly)

Will update some more thoughts soon…