Why CREO’s big pitch for Mark 1 is its software (Fuel OS) instead of megapixels, PPIs, GBs?

In the past couple of years, India has become one of the fastest growing market for smartphones in the world. More than 100 million smartphones were shipped in India in 2015. A few minutes back we unveiled our first phone — CREO Mark 1. A new smartphone is being launched every week, what’s so different about this one?

With almost every phone launch you find upgraded hardware at a reasonable price, which feels outdated just months later when more megapixels, GBs, PPIs, and cores are available at a similar price. Phone manufacturers go back to increase the megapixels and PPIs because that’s what they’ve been selling.

Mark 1 ships with top of the line hardware including 21MP & 8MP Cameras, 3 GB RAM, Octacore processor, a gorgeous 5.5 inch 2K screen but that’s not the debate we even want to get into. Instead, we want to talk about what runs Mark 1 under the hood i.e Fuel OS.

With Fuel OS, our philosophy has been to go beyond the skin, themes, and cosmetic changes to Android. We wanted to build features which our users find useful, easy to use and pleasing. Here are some of those features and enhancements which have become my personal favorites over the last few weeks:

  1. Sense: Sense is one of my favorite things on Mark 1. It makes my life so much easier every single day. Sense can search through installed apps, files, messages, contacts and even settings. It’s easy to open (a double-tap on the home button), quickly gives me the result and gets out of the way.
Sense: Search through contacts, installed apps, documents, music or even settings
Sense: Reaching out to a company’s customer support was never easier

2. Echo: Throughout the 90s I grew up wanting an answering machine on my phone which could record messages on my behalf when I wasn’t around. Voicemail never arrived in India properly. In Mark 1 we have built one. Mark 1 ships with an answering machine right out of the box. It is integrated with the dialer. Whenever I receive an incoming call I can choose to direct it to Echo or preset the time after which it automatically directs to Echo if I don’t answer. Echo is network independent, requires no installation or setup.

Echo: An answering machine that’s built right into your dialer.

3. Messages: Every phone user in India (and developing economies) receives a massive amount of SPAM in their SMS inbox. The default SMS app that ships with Fuel OS automatically segregates from people and businesses into two different tabs. It also identifies potential SPAM senders and if marked such by the user will send the SMSes from the SPAM sender directly to the SPAM box. Just this one change makes my SMS inbox look much cleaner and more importantly human.

Other functional enhancements like the ability to block/mute notifications from the app who spam you with notifications right from the notification shade/lock screen, taking screenshots with a simple three-finger swipe, copying an OTP to the clipboard automatically have also been introduced.

A Revamped Update System

Mark 1 ships with the promise of “A New Phone Every Month” experience through monthly updates on the Fuel OS. We’ve taken care to build an experience for the user where they will be educated, informed and can easily update their phones whenever a new update is pushed.

ReFuel has been designed specifically to manage updates and educate. It will help users to update their phones, participate in the community discussions, educate and inform them of the features and enhancements in the latest update.

ReFuel: Specifically designed to manage monthly updates.

Theft protection built right into the OS

Retriever has been designed to protect your phone and help users protect privacy and data in case their Mark 1 gets lost or stolen.

With the help of retriever, you can find if a new SIM has been inserted in your phone, its current location and also lock it remotely by simply sending an SMS from your friends/family phone.

The new SIM alerts work even when the phone is factory reset and all of its data including the user’s Google account used to sign-in is removed.

A Community Driven Approach

Folks from CREO’s product, design, development, support and marketing teams will directly interact with the users on CREO forums at https://forum.creosense.com/

The discussions here will be the key for us to know our users, find out what they want and most importantly make everyone a maker. Signup and help us make better. We are going to need all the help we can get.

To know more about Mark 1 visit: www.creosense.com