Explain Christian attitudes to the origins of the world and humanity:

Christians have different attitudes towards the world, humanity and how life as we know it started. Some of the main teachings of the world starting was Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. There are different beliefs in both of these ‘stories’. There have been many arguments about this matter on the world being born and how it was created. In genesis 1, God thought he was lonely and wanted a helper or a whole planet to himself. He then created Earth and made all the lands, the water and a lot of useful things to make it beautiful. Then he was still lonely so he created animals, birds and humans. Then he created the heavens, stars, the sun and the moon. In genesis 2, God made all of the animals and living things but didn’t come to Earth. He or she wasn’t the first one on Planet Earth. Instead, he made a human called Adam who was in the Garden of Eden. He made the first two people on Earth to go and live there. Even though the ‘stories’ are different Christians believe they were both the word of God.

Many Christians don’t think that the Genesis ‘stories’ are the word from God in which they are given the title of being Liberal Christians. If they believed the ‘stories’ were the word of God they would be given the title of being Creationist Christians. Some Christians say that they have to believe science because there is no evidence on the ‘theories of God’. At least if they have evidence to support their belief it would be reassuring. Some Christians believe Genesis 1 and 2 are stories in which God’s power is symbolically shown and the stories are told to show why God created the universe rather than the idea of how God created the universe.

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