If Science is right then religion must be wrong:

This statement is a very hard topic to discuss because of the wide variety of views and opinions. There is a variety of interpretations of the biblical accounts of creation among Christians today. Some people believe that science is right about creation and evolution and that therefore religion is wrong. This is because science can provides us with reliable, understandable evidence and logical explanations for some of the ‘miracles’ described in holy books and especially The Big Bang Theory instead of Genesis creation stories. Fossils tells us that there was life on this planet long before the estimated time of the creation of Adam and Eve. There is a clear vision that religious leaders might get a little bit worried because their congregations would begin to fall away from the belief that an invisible man in the sky makes miracles happen.

There are some people, for sure, who argue that the holy books like the Torah and the Bible are not meant to be taken literally but more liberally. That Adam and Eve are representing all the men and women and the story of the creation in seven ‘days’ showed to us that it was a summary of a much longer time. Also when talking about liberal Christians and people they take the Bible in a much more summarised version of what really happened and don’t take the Bible word for word from God. They believe it has been altered.

Another difference between science and religion is the understanding of ‘truth’. To the scientist, who is more sceptical truth is changing all the time when they see more of the world and how many more observations they take and then they can become closer to truth. On the other hand the holy priests and religion leaders take the books to be the Truth and nothing else to be correct other than what has been said. This can be taken into the wrong account on some occasions.

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