We are void, everything around us is void. The very sense of belonging forever is void, and the person who thinks that I’m above all this has to put a little sense into their mind that in a matter of second’s things can take different shape and very existence of that persona is laid to rest, people will forget their existence in a week. What is that we are pretentious about? Whom are we trying to impress, rather fool? We die creating a niche and leaving out a name in a world where even the gods are forgotten and their existence is debated. For a few hundred likes we are glued onto that 5/6 inch screen trying to capture moments, food, people and anything that we pass by, we are so pre-occupied that all we have is the captured moment, not the moment lived. We let go the very moment by being hell bound to capture it for the future but we fail to live in the now. Being social is great but pretending to be social and following the masses is at times a risky affair as most of the time the “M” in the masses is hidden, whom are we following now?

Phones and application coming along with it has taken over our lifestyle, being technically equipped is good. The delusion begins when we keep fiddling with that thing,not that we intend to, but we constantly fear “Being Left Out”. This is a syndrome which I see in almost all of us irrespective of gender and age. Let’s assume that we are left out, so what? How is going to make a difference to the already awesome life we are living at the moment. Our thinking process has taken a beating and we let opinions of others matter the most to us. In fact half of us do not know what is best for us, it’s good to find inspiration from others but trying to be them is not called inspiration it’s called imitation and we aren’t monkeys to imitate, are we?

The chaos is not the social media corporation, it’s us. we are so glued and addicted to seeing likes, comments and followers on our virtual self that the original self, the physical self, the self that thinks takes a bad shape. We are obsessed with constantly checking on our profile for likes and followers, we have become desperate animal on prowl for all these.

The messages, likes, followers and comments are going to be there forever but can the same be said to the people who is sitting right next to you? the ones we overlook in being busy and preparing to look good on the virtual space. Our phones have taken over our alarms, cameras, reminders and message which is good but let’s not let it take over the real people in our desperate quest of finding the virtual people out there in the paradox. Lets face the truth. Our virtual profiles are filled with thousands of friends but why do we feel lonely when it matters the most? We share, retweet, repost the messages and photos which carries a report that as the social media grows, the number of people feeling lonely, insecure also grows. Have we ever paused for a second to question that? We share things but we do not follow them, we share such things to sound cool and intellect among the virtual friends, we do not follow what we share because that’s what we are becoming, a hypocrite.

Our privacy is at stake, we are selling ourselves in the name of being social. If you are arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.

Who are we when there is no cameras,posts, tweet,likes and followers? Who are we when no one’s looking?That’s more important, we need to try and build on that first.

I’ve got nothing against social media, moreover I’m no one to have anything against anyone. It’s my thought on the things I see around me on daily basis and every minute. Sure, these are debatable matters, but I’m not obliged to make sense to everyone reading it. It’s my view, my writing and hell yeah I’m entitled to write the damn thing onto what’s called a personal blog, no offense to you though.

The End.

About the Writer

I write about anything and everything my thoughts run on. I’m not a typical writer who sits with a book and writes things, I’m raw writer solely relying on my muse, i write to feed my writing bug. Followers and views does not interest me, if it comes along the way that’s great else i’m happy just to feed my writing bug. Thanks for your time!

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