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Humming back to those previous years, it was such those harsh years I’ve ever had. It’s not just because I’m prejudiced or kinda something annoyed but I have to say that I was quite neglected at that time I used to be an innocent boy in secondary school. I was kinda carefree about “crave, desire, arousal, orientation”. Every step I walked was under my mom’s surveillance whom any members of families consider as an important part of their lives. …

freakin-novel virus.

Recently, the world has already found the deadly novel virus so-called: SARS-COV-2 which takes a heavy toll on every aspect globally. By this I mean, the appearance of this contagious virus has rendered the economic segments besides the worst-case scenario: the death for human-being. As you can see from the analysis: 1 person can spread the pathogen to nearly 10 people and the widespread of this virus has increased dramatically, more than we expected, even worse than the past SARS-COV epidemic in 2003. Spreading drastically, this type of disease takes almost 14 days to be in the hatching stage then…


Take a briefcase to what happened in the previous episode: we’ve already known that the endangered species are ON THE BRINK OF EXTINCTION by virtue of industrialization and the developing logging industry, taking the death toll on wildlife animals by devastating their natural habitat. Moreover, the mass establishment of factories has increased the burden on the environment, polluting the river and decimating marine life as the TOXIC CHEMICAL WASTE is directly DISCHARGED into the stream in the absence of certain sanitizing process. In addition, due to the soaring demand for electricity that is generated by fossil fuels, this coal-mining activity…

all thing now is increasingly traumatic!!!

Today, the environment is the hotly debated issue of every country in the world as the exploitation activities of humans directly cause substantial damage to the ecosystem. Coming to the definition of the term” environment”, when we talk about this, I bet no one is ambiguous about these and some relevant issues. “Environment” is the combination of some natural or artificial elements, which functions some specific progress and provides the special vessels utilized for human purpose or something else. For example, we have the whole host of environmental types named: Aquatic environment, sky-land environment and earthy one, each operating some…

DH Kanz

Ego seeker

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