I made $41,879 as an AirBNB host
Kelly Kampen

Congratulations on your success as an Airbnb Superhost. It great that you’re doing well, but did you know that in my city of San Francisco, there’s a direct corrolation between Airbnb and the rising eviction rate and depletion of rental housing in the city? It’s a fact proven by this recent study:


That why it’s so important to support California Senate Bill 593, which will force Airbnb to report usage figures and prevent the current widespread abuse of local housing and zoning ordinances.

I like Airbnb, but I don’t like what it’s doing to my neighborhood. It’s time for sensible regulation to make sure Airbnb stays true to its stated purpose — empowering individuals like yourself, rather than being a loophole for commercial property owners who want the benefits of being in the hotel business without paying the price.

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