My First VC Meeting — A Tale Of Brutal Rejection
Eli Portnoy

This is so spot on and jives with my experience not just in Silicon Valley, but the NYC VC scene as well. VCs in general seem to have zero respect for the time they steal from people who pitch to them. As Portnoy points out the VC he talks about here was 20 mins late and disengaged from the word go.

If there’s one take-away that any VC reading must, must, must learn is that they’re time is quite literally free. They get paid to have these meetings, the entrepreneur’s time is infinitely expensive.

Every moment in a non-productive VC meeting, every minute preparing for that meeting, the time traveling to (etc) a meeting where a VC devalues you, dismisses you without any useful or meaningful feed back or !!!!worse!!!! uses your meeting with them as a competitive research opportunity to garner info for one of their portfolio companies (don’t scoff it's SOP) is an arrow in the back to an entrepreneur.

VCs often talk in glowing terms about entrepreneurs and what it takes to make a business work. It might be a good idea to treat the people who pitch to you with a commensurate level of respect in your actual dealings with them.