How to Do Soundcloud

My favorite genre of music is Soundcloud. Here are a few pointers on Soundcloud:

  1. Soundcloud must feel good all the time.
  2. Soundcloud must feel chill all the time.
  3. Soundcloud must pitch shift at least one vocal track.
  4. Pitching down a vocal track is currently more chill than pitching up a vocal track, but this might change in the future.
  5. Soundcloud takes place on the beach.
  6. Beaches in Soundcloud are similar to beaches on Earth, but the water is more aqua, the sky is more purple, and dolphins are suspended in the sky.
  7. A good place to discover new Soundcloud is
  8. The best Soundcloud has the fewest plays. Be careful! Soundcloud with a lot of plays can become “played out”.
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