29 Signs You Might be a World Traveler

Some silly, some serious, all true

So I’ve been traveling the world for a little over 8 months now as a member of @RemoteYear. (If you don’t know what Remote Year is, that’s cool. Here’s a link: http://www.remoteyear.com/) Something I’ve learned: traveling to different places all the time is a unique lifestyle. You become familiar with odd things, develop weird habits, and start to view the world (and everything in it) a little differently. Some things become more important, others dwindle in value. I’ve created a list that attempts to highlight all this craziness. It’s all based on personal experience, of course, but I imagine other travelers can relate. Lets get into it!

29 Signs You Might be a World Traveler

  1. You’ve handed a cashier the wrong currency. Multiple times. (Seriously, every nation’s small change looks the same)
  2. Your friends have literally cursed you out on Instagram or Facebook. Sorry I’m not sorry for playing with monkeys in Bali. Or that mountaintop sunrise in Peru.
  3. You take air conditioning very seriously. It’s a luxury.
  4. A vacant middle seat on an airplane is cause for legitimate celebration. You may even high five some folks around you.
  5. The figures on your bank account statement are alarmingly small.
  6. The figures on your credit card statement are alarmingly large.
  7. You’ve worn three layers of clothes to ensure your check-in bag is under the weight limit.
  8. You can rapid-fire list the cities with the best (and worst) WiFi. Not being well connected is either the worst or best thing, depending on what you’re doing.
  9. <For the single folks> You obsess over your Tinder profile, and use it everywhere you go.
  10. You’re an expert on travel credit cards, and debate the merits of each often. #ChaseSapphireForTheWin
  11. You’ve gone three or more consecutive days without showering. It’s actually not a big deal.
  12. You can sleep just about anywhere. Examples include: a hammock, the floor (can I at least get a blanket?), a sandy beach, a gondola, a tuk-tuk, a canoe, a laundry room, and a camel.
  13. You’ve accidentally called your parents in the middle of their night and said “I’m sorry, I have no idea what time it is there.”
  14. Your bucket list keeps getting longer. The more you see and do, the more you realize the world is a huge place, and it’d take multiple lifetimes to experience it all.
  15. You’ve become really comfortable with all hours of the day and night. Jet lag is for real, folks.
  16. You’ve also become really comfortable with lack of sleep, because who can stay in bed when there’s beaches, mountains, forests, rivers, temples, islands, castles, bridges, glaciers, and restaurants to explore?
  17. Picking out clothes for the night often consists of rummaging through your suitcase, sniffing for cleanliness, and calling it good (or good enough).
  18. You know that “final boarding call” really means you have 5 more minutes to relax in your chair.
  19. Praise be to WhatsApp. And Google Translate.
  20. Forget wanderlust. How about a-hot-shower-and-ice-cubes-in-my-drink-lust.
  21. Someone mentions there’s a bug in your apartment. If it’s smaller than the size of your fist, you’re not concerned. Except for cockroaches. Those buggers are always gross.
  22. You’re familiar with UberMOTO. And you love it. Screw cars.
  23. Your stomach has turned to iron. Scorpion kebab? Snake wine? Salted crickets by the handful? No problem.
  24. No matter how worn out you are, you get butterflies every time you board a plane. A new place, a new adventure.
  25. You’re pretty fit, thanks in part to lugging your suitcases everywhere and sprinting through airports to make your flights.
  26. When you go to restaurants, you have to ignore the urge to haggle on the menu prices. Sorry, but that is the final price.
  27. You have your breath taken away at least once a week. The beauty of the world’s landscapes is truly unmatched.
  28. You’ve experienced a roller coaster of emotions during your adventures. Traveling isn’t always easy, but the world is an awesome place, full of interesting people, places, and cultures. Whether you’re doing it solo or with a group of friends, the joy of traveling is always worth the bumps in the road.
  29. Last, but not least…You’re “Steve” in this photo. Screw all the other rookies.

And that’s the whole kit and caboodle. Comment with ones I might have missed! And go travel :)

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