Getting Started with NeuroVault

Getting Started and Uploading Your First Image

An image of the NeuroVault landing page, with the “Log in” option at the top right.
An animaged .gif showing how to navigate from the post-login page back to the neurovault landing page.
NeuroVault allows users to start uploading, searching, and sharing neuroimaging data in minutes.
An animated .gif of NeuroVault’s ‘Add new collection’ page.
Before uploading an individual image, you’ll need to create a collection.
An animated .gif showing how to navigate to the area of NeuroVault that supports the upload of individual images.
Images can be either Private (shareable) or Public (shareable and searchable).
These options pertain to the image you’d like to upload. Clicking ‘Submit’ uploads the image to NeuroVault.
NeuroVault is currently configured for neuroimaging data aligned to human, rhesus, and mouse templates.

Interacting with and Sharing Your Image

A picture of NeuroVault’s image viewer, showing unthresholded PET data aligned to the Rhesus Macaque Template.
Here, we see unthresholded PET FDG data aligned to the Rhesus Macaque Template.

How to Search NeuroVault



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