When you don’t know you are drinking your friends.

Cloud Atlas drinking game

Take a drink…

  • Whenever anyone uses ridiculous British slang (double if it’s Jim Broadbent)
  • Whenever you hear a section of the ‘We are bound to others’ speech
  • Whenever you hear a part of the Cloud Atlas Sextet being played
  • Whenever you see Old Georgie on screen
  • Whenever an actor appears in a role as a different race, gender or sexuality than their own
  • Whenever you see a reference to a different storyline
  • Whenever there’s a heavy handed message about slavery
  • Whenever you see a birthmark
  • Any time the voiceover gets philosophical
  • Any time you want to say “yaaaas” to Bae Doona




You sold us out, Officer Duffy.

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Dave Houlbrooke

Dave Houlbrooke

You sold us out, Officer Duffy.

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