The global pandemic of 2020 has profoundly changed the macroeconomic scene and the talent hunting market within a short period of time. So, what does the future hold for the recruitment industry, what should we expect?

For some talent obtaining groups, the pandemic has implied diminished headcounts, re-imagined group capacities, and downshifts in cycles and needs; for other people, it's implied multiplying down on recruiting in the midst of incoming of numerous and inbound applications.

The difficulties ahead for hiring might be changing, yet the difficulties themselves aren't going anyplace. And keeping in mind that we can't foresee the future…

Removing Roadblocks: Focussing On Goals

On any successful journey, there are going to be bumps in the road, the little twist and turns along the way, but if we are to meet our goals we need to ensure that these do not deter us. We need to make sure that we take the right precautions to ensure that we can surpass these motivation blips and reach the target.

Here are 6 tricks that have helped me avoid roadblocks and navigate successfully in order to achieve my goals:

1. Believe In Oneself

Importance Of Honest Communication At Work

Two days back an acquaint was discussing with me about why we should not always be straightforward and brutally honest with each other.

Sometimes our opinion could hurt the other person's sentiment.

I think it’s a wrong notion. And a tad bit dangerous.

Allow me to explain briefly and to the point, why I think it’s a wrong approach to communicating at work.

Imagine This Situation

Let’s say you notice something that doesn’t sit well with you in the office whether it’s a relationship with a client threatening to sour. …

One often wonders what is so exclusive and peculiar about women being a part of a certain affinity. Why is she different from a man! Has it to do with her biological difference? Or was she born to occupy a subordinate position? Does she have no sense of truth? Or she lacks virtue and sensibility of being supreme? Is she supposed to announce that she exists? Or denounce her predestined conditioning? What is a woman and who does she stand to be? Does she have no individual existence?

She has always been addressed as being a part of the second…

Hey Girl.

This is weird. You would think your mom’s too cool for this shit but here’s something you need to know. I love you and I have loved you even before I held you in my arms for the first time. Know that you were born a warrior and you will always have to be that. I’m *never* going to ask you to prove your worth, never. You came to this earth on your own and your identity is *you* alone.

There are only two things you need to know.

One, your mother is your best friend so we…

Even though dating apps are most popular among millennials, according to a recent SeatGeek survey of 1,000 singles, 95 per cent would rather meet people IRL versus online or on an app. In my case, this was my second time of using Tinder, and the intention was inclined towards meeting and interacting rather than hooking up or getting laid. A couple of my friends insisted Tinder works best (or Hinge), so I downloaded the app a couple of weeks back, irrespective of my inner apprehensions and started swiping left and right. This was my second-time Tinder-perience. There was a lot…

It will be close to a year now that I have been enjoying time with myself. I do not remember when was the last time I was single for this long, without regrets. For a long time I thought people needed people and hence relationships are a great way of finding gratification. This last close to a year has been a game changer for me. I proved myself so wrong with everything I did so far and I am glad I did. Being single and financially stable can be the best combination on earth because in this state there is…

There is noise in the silence of the night

The darkness of the sky has wrapped me

I think about it all ~

Things I could say

Things I could do

Things I could carry

Things I could feel too

Alas! I could not be understood

And I was thought to be not so good

As I stand here this night picking the pieces,

Broken from thy silence, to myself I told

In trying to be up and alive

I was more fragile and cold.

The prism has been letting out too many colours of late. Some bright enough for my eyes to notice, some beautiful, some dark and some not so nice! None of the colours are not known to me.

Every colour is unique.

Each colour distinct.

The distortion has been propelling and fading away from reality. The colours are dancing like they have a story to tell. There’s noise in them — they won’t let me be at peace. Weakness, vulnerability and loss are the thoughts — all together. Taking away to the dark side, these colours are hinting at an escape…

Everybody all over the world is talking about weed — how good it feels, how great it makes your life, how medicinal it is. But what does it even feel like to be high on weed? When I first pondered the question, it seemed completely unanswerable, like explaining what a banana tastes like — or even like explaining what colour is to a blind person.

After some deeper meditations, I realized that there are some experiences that all stoners can connect with. There are definite changes that take place in the physical, mental and emotional experiences after smoking weed.


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