10 Biggest Home Decor Mistakes To Avoid And Their Solutions

A first of a kind two-part series blog from us because we wanted to make sure you design your home like a pro. And if you thought we would only point out the mistakes and not tell you how to solve it you are absolutely wrong! We have identified 30 key decorating errors that Interior Designers avoid and today we bring to you the first 15. Simply have a look at it and you will know we have dug gold for you! :D

1. Styling Around Your TV

We all know the importance of a TV in a living room but the TV need not be the focal point of your living room.

Solution: Design the area first where you are going to place the TV and add the TV later. This way your sitting space will not just be stylish, but of good usage when you want to Netflix & Chill.

2. Test Your Wall Paints

It can be a big home decor blunder for you if you start painting on a big space without testing the colour before hand.

Solution: You could buy a few small containers of your favourite paint choices and try multiple hues on a small space so you don’t end up with a depressing green room when you were really going for avocado green.

3. Having Wrong Lampshade

Having decor lamps in a room can really set the mood of the room right but choosing hideously large lampshade for a small lamp can make a really awkward decor statement.

Solution: Know the style of your room and consider the size of your room while buying the lampshade.

4. Houseplants

A little green can go a long way with a few houseplants in and around your living space. From your coffee table to your shelf, there’s absolutely no place in your room where a houseplant cannot fit it.

Pro Tip: Placing a little houseplant in the mid-level of your shelf will suffice! You need not turn your room into a conservatory.

5. Toilet Rugs

Toilet rugs are an essential for your bathroom if you like to keep the flooring clean and dry. They’re cut to fit around your toilet and you could also mix n match with the seat cover.

Pro Tip: You could opt for a fluffy rectangular rug away from the base of the toilet to give a different look to it.

6. Photo Gallery

Too many photo frames on the table is an outdated decor idea. It also gives a cluttered feel to the space.

Solution: Make a gallery on the wall and you could organize them by decades or events, and switch them whenever you like.

7. The Foyer

We often neglect the importance of an inviting foyer. A beautiful foyer is a terrific statement that gives an impression about how the house could be.

Pro Tip: Use a patterned wallpaper or a paint to create an accent wall or hang a beautiful mirror or art frame to give a texture to the space.

8. Cluttered Wires

What is more ugly than wires hanging around in your room!

Solution: You could hide them within a shower rod stuck against the wall or keep them all hidden within a box in behind a rack or table in an accessible area.

9. Overboard The Theme

Sometimes we get so obsessed with a style or theme that we do not realise how overwhelming and tacky it makes the room look.

Solution: Use accents to incorporate the look you like without going overboard with a theme. If you are a traveler, add decor items from your favourite exotic vacations.

10. Balance Your Furniture Pieces

We often get confused about how to place our furniture in the room. So learn how to balance your furniture arrangements.

Pro Tip: If you have a bulky sofa, make sure that your coffee table is not too big!




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Dhrishni Thakuria

Dhrishni Thakuria

Marketing, TurboHire • Branding, Social, Organic, Content dhrishnithakuria.com

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