Hi everyone!!!!

Are you scared of dogs

Well, People like me are scared of dogs.😨

It would be very nice to have a pet is my opinion but the sad thing is our parents should say yes.

If we have a dog we would have fun and it protects our house but maintaining and training is a big headache for few people just in the start as we get habituated later on.

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Before I start wish you happy ugadi.

Ugadi is celebrated as New year according to Hindu calender and is the day when brahma created the universe.

The special thing in food is ugadi pachadi where it is experience of five tastes in same food item
Spice, salty, sweet, sour and bitter.

Kids don’t like this food item including me.😝

So the time’s up until next time

Happy ugadi 😁




Hi everyone it’s been long time, it took me little time to think about a topic and now I am here to talk about a topic Money.

Money is a valuable thing the truth is few people think to have more money but,You should always be satisfied with what you have.

Money won’t bring happiness but everything needs money.

Yup, you heard me money never brings happiness.

You should never work for money if you work to have a successful life you earn a lot.

Until next time be satisfied with what you have and this is Dhrithi signing off




When we throw anything in the air why does it come back?

Well,this question answer was found by Isaac Newton when an apple fell on his head he started inquiring and found the answer.

Few higher class people think instead of apple falling on his head if the tree has fallen on him there use to be no word called gravity.😂

Gravity in higher classes sounds like little complex .

When I was small just had little knowledge on gravity I use to think if gravity use to not exist I use to fly around.😆

Then in further learning I knew the importance of it and stopped thinking about this.

Until next time dear readers





Hi everyone this is Dhrithi back with another amazing topic that is there everywhere it is science.

Yup,you heard me science is everywhere.

I hear people commenting that science is hard if science was not there it use to be nice😟 but,it is the most favourite subject for few people(like me).😍

I agree if you say science is complected in higher grades.

As I told in the beginning science is everywhere it is true it is in both non-living and living things.

If science use to not exist imagine world without docters to treat patients.

So, it is better the way science is.

Until next time

This is Dhrithi signing off





Hi Everyone this is Dhrithi back with an amazing topic that is Food.(yummy food)😝

To say kids like to eat food esspesially junk food 🤤 (like me)😁.

Apart from junk food we should also eat healthy food to be active and strong.This also helps to build immune system and fight with pandemic situation.

To be strong and healthy you should seldom eat junk food and usually eat healthy food.

I know that healthy food tastes different and we think of not eating it.Eating it is better than throwing in trash as their are many people outside with empty stomach.

As it builds immune system it is better to eat healthy food usually.😖

I am going to rarely eat junk food what about you?

Until next time This is Dhrithi signing off.


New words:

Seldom: Something is done rarely.



What is fiction and non-fiction stories

Hi dear followers I am Dhrithi and today’s topic is what is fiction and non-fiction stories.

Well, their is a lot of difference.so let go straight to the point.👉

Fiction is an story with humans imagination. Mysteries, science fiction, romance, fantasy,comedy and other are all fiction genres.

Whereas non-fiction means it is based on real life(true story) and facts.

But the thing is their are more fiction books 📚 published than non-fiction.

That’s it for today.

Until next blog my dear followers bye bye.




Hi everyone this is Dhrithi back with an interesting topic that is books.

Well,books can change our lifestyle.

Yes,you heard me

There are many books in the world funny, inspirational, sad and other books.

The thing is we can read as many books as we can.

If you read books you have good amount of vocabulary and knowledge.

So it is better to start reading books from now.

Until next time keep on reading





Hi everyone this is Dhrithi back with another topic which is friendship.

Friends help us when we have hard times.

If you have a friend you can share your feelings like:

Depression, happiness,sadness and other feelings.

To get a friend you have to communicate and understand their feelings.

Friends are the ones who help us and make us happy.

So,it’s better to have a friend or more than 2.

The time is up

Until next time




Dhrithi chatla

Dhrithi chatla

Hi this is Dhrithi chatla.I like to write and talk a lot.😝