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How social media inspired to optimise your business

Watch the PSV HR user guide series to discover truly how simple it is to transform your organisation

Finally we have completed all our hard work and developed a HR product that is as easy to use as your favourite social media sites.

We have developed the first product to be introduced to our business experiment, a HR product that will bring structure to managing your employees or freelancers. A social media based approval system to monitor holidays and a messaging feed to begin to de-clutter your company inbox. These are just some of the features the product addresses.

With the product completed and the logistics of putting the solution into the cloud nearly complete we were left in a quandry. We had produced a business tool which used elements of personal social media. Did we need to explain what status updates are? Would we need to highlight what following someone entails?

Our business tool probably does not need the following videos but we wanted to create them anyway. Take a few minutes to view and you can also become an expert at

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