Beneath the brown soil lies my carcass, carcass wanting to grow out of the surface. Lies my body - blood and bones. Strangled by the roots of the mighty tree, laden by fruits of fear and seeds that contain poison. Once sown in the yard at the back of a house. House which was broken. Patches of uneven paint on the walls, doors hanging by the hinges. Cob webs called dibs on the corners. Refrigerator stinking of old food, dust settled on the TV. Cracked ceiling, pillars, and foundation of the family. Family made of people. People made of thoughts. Thoughts controlled by society. Society fed by the fruits from the yard and the seeds are thrown away. Tears are rained to water them. Love, dream and romance are decomposed for the manure. Sun shines and more trees grow, more dies my carcass still struggling to grow out of the surface.

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